Bicycle Accidents Attorney in Los Angeles CaliforniaI often ride bicycle for fun.  Once I decided to bike to work.  I figured that I will get an additional two hours of exercise a day.  I changed my mind after a few close calls.  Once the pickup truck changed lanes and almost hit me.  I got back to driving a car to work.  A lot of bicyclist are injured on the road every year.

The injuries range from scrapes and bruises to brain and spinal cord injuries.  Drivers often do not even know that they injured the bicyclist and they drive away.  Sometimes they just do hit and run.  If you are injured and driver cannot be found, you may be financially responsible for treatment.

The good way to protect yourself is to wear a small camera.  The camera may record the license plate of the vehicle that struck you.  Even if the license plate is not recorded, the recording of the car itself may be helpful in locating the driver.

As a bicyclist you have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists.  If involved in an accident you should contact Michalak Law Firm at 888.SHARK.40 or 323-828-0258.  I will evaluate your case for free.  I will arrange for the best medical care, and compensation for your injuries and lost wages.  I do not charge a fee unless I win your case.

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