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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Michalak_Law_Firm_duiiconIf you have been arrested for anything including DUI, how you start is detrimental to the outcome of the case. You should call me as soon as possible so we can start working on your case.

We will take steps that can reduce the consequences of DUI arrest. Driving Under the Influence is a serious charge that can result in fines, increase in insurance rates, installation of ignition interlock device, and even jail or prison.

Why You Should Call Me?

I will handle your case personally.  Some attorneys just sign up clients and refer them to someone else. In the end you do not know who is handling your case. I will talk to you and keep you updated on your case. I will attend a DMV hearing in person. I will charge you a reasonable rate and will not charge you upfront for services that may not be necessary.

Call NOW for Your FREE Consultation 888.SHARK.40

DMV Hearing

The arrest for DUI triggers proceedings in court and at DMV. These are separate proceedings held at two different locations. Because DMV proceeding determines only your right to drive it moves quickly. DMV hearing must be requested within 10 days after the DUI arrest otherwise your license will be suspended automatically 30 days after DUI arrest.

DUI hearing can be done in person or over the phone. DUI hearings done in person have greater chance of success. However the odds in DUI hearing are stock against a driver and most of the time DMV suspends driver license.

If I request the DMV hearing generally you can drive until the resolution of the hearing which could be months after the DUI arrest. If your driver license is suspended you can request restricted license after 30 days of suspension.

DUI Court Proceedings

DUI is a crime and you are awarded all constitutional protections. When defending your DUI charges I will analyze if the police stop had proper legal cause. I will check for any problems with the breathalyzer. I will go over your field sobriety check (FST). I will order the retesting of a blood sample. I will check if the blood sample was stored properly.

I will interview witnesses, including your passengers. Based on my analysis of your case I will determine and explain you what I can do for you. If I will find the strong evidence of the improper police conduct or other things described above, I will ask a prosecutor to drop the charges. Otherwise I will ask a prosecutor to reduce charges or we will go to trial.

Car Insurance After DUI

When you are convicted with DUI you need an SR-22. Before contacting your insurance agent, especially if you have major insurance company talk to me. I will put you in touch with agent who works with DUI clients to make sure you comply with insurance laws at lowest cost and the least consequences.