imageOften people involved in car accident do not know the extent of their injuries until some time later. If you do not take steps to”record” your injuries the insurance company will claim that the injury was not caused by the accident. If you feel any pain, report it to the police officer on the scene and on the Traffic Accident Report SR 1.

It is always a good idea to visit the emergency room to check for the injuries. Often the minor pain will intensify after few days, so it is the best to get checked right away. If it turns out that you had smashed bones, the insurance company will claim that you did not get treatment on time and made an injury worst.

You can also go to your primary physician for check up. Always state that you were involved in an accident and that pain is the result of an accident. Remember to put down your injuries on a DMV form even if it is just pain at the time of the report. You can call me for free consultation and guidance at any time.  Contact Michalak Law Firm at 888.SHARK.40 or 323.828.0258.


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