Importance of consulting an attorney immediately following work accidentI saw a client today who had been injured at work.  Let’s call him Ed for his anonymity.  He was struck in a head by a bag accidentally dropped by his coworker.  He had a headache for a few days and back pain.  Few days later, he told his superior about the incident and about headaches and back pain.

Ed was a forklift operator, so the supervisor assigned him to a different position in case he got dizzy.  Ed went to his family doctor about a week later.  He told him about the incident, but family doctor did not note the details where the accident occurred.

When it turned out that Ed has serious condition it also turned out that the employer denied any knowledge of the accident.  Also, Ed’s good friend denies that it ever happened.  The employer fired Ed because they did not need him anymore.  The employer never filed workers’ compensation  claim with the insurance carrier.

Insurance company denied Ed’s current claim.  Although everything is on the right track, Ed’s situation would be different had he contacted an attorney.  Attorney would explain him from the experience, that after injury all friends from work are scarred and uncooperative.  Attorney would make sure that the claim is filed and that Ed was seen by doctor for evaluation.

The good thing is that Ed will get the surgery and gets disability payments.  However, the delay caused him to rely for money on his extended family, delay in treatment, and anguish.

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