Injuries at health clubs, fitness clubs and gymsOnce in a while people get injured in a gym, health club or fitness club.  Right after the injury we are reminded of the waiver form that we have signed when joining.  Even the employee of the club will tell you that you signed a waiver.  However the waiver will not always absolve health club of liability.

That is why it is very important to consult an attorney after an injury.  The gym can be sued if the injury occurred because of “willful and wanton conduct.”  Health club can be liable for willful and wanton conduct if the injury was the result of the intentional conduct or due to reckless disregard for safety.

Most of the cases will fall under the second theory of the reckless disregard for safety.  Health club possibly can be sued under the negligence theory such as improper maintenance of the equipment.  Although the waiver limits the liability of the gym or health club, the waiver is not absolute.

Some of the injuries at gyms are very serious and may leave a person paralyzed.  Others may be minor.  No matter what injury you have sustained, you should contact Michalak Law Firm at 888.SHARK.40 or 323-828-0258.  I will evaluate your case for free.  I will arrange for the best medical care, and compensation for your injuries and lost wages.  I do not charge a fee unless I win your case.

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